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The Cloud of Safety provides smart solutions for an effortless management of your company’s health and workplace safety.

Clear allocation of responsibilities.
Structured and company-wide occupational safety processes.
Reduced time and labor due to preconfigured, industry-specific contents like tools, risks and respective measures.
Plain and intuitive control.
Access to our comprehensive data base of work system elements (incl. identification according to ISO 7010 or GHS / CLP respectively).

All the features you need


Risk Assessment

Identify and evaluate all hazards and risks in your company. This enables you to conduct appropriate and preventive measures.


Locations and Mapping

Easily visualize all of your company’s sites and locations. This way you never loose track of emergency plans, fire extinguishers, etc.


Detailed Accident Analysis

Capture and investigate causes and effects of incidents such as accidents, first aid treatments, damages as well as near misses.


Real-time Reports and KPIs

Stay focused on your goals and create realt-time reports and statistics such as Lost Time Injuries (LTI) or Severity rate with only one click.


Structured Responsibilities

Define clear responsibilities for organisations, locations or employees.


Risk and Task Status

Get an overview of hotspots for risks and hazards in your company.


Legal Compliance

Generate comprehensive print-outs for your documents and always keep a history of modifications.


Monitoring of Measures

Monitor the status and progress of safety measures as well as tasks.

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How much time do you have?

Standardize the work-flows of your safety management operations. CoS allows you to gain valuable time and resources which would otherwise be consumed by documentation or the evaluation of performance indicators


Do you integrate your OHS?

CoS allows you to make decisions where they are needed. In this way you benefit from the full potential of an integrated OHS-Management as a supporting process in your company‘s value chain.


Do you have the overview?

CoS provides you with smart solutions to shape the organization of your safety management - as simple as never before.

Digitalize the flow of internal and external processes regarding the health and safety management of your business.

CoS allows you to gain valuable time and resources which would otherwise be consumed by documentation or the evaluation of performance indicators.

Clear Responsibilities

Automated Workflows

Notifications and Messages

Efficient Team Collaboration

Customizable Rights and Roles

Standardized Documentation

Always accessible

Perfectly connected with all your devices. Anytime and everywhere.

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An optimized solution for all levels of your organization

Whether by the identification of risks, the determination of responsibilities or the assignment of tasks and measures, CoS improves the management of your company’s health and safety.


For Executives

CoS supports you in making the right decisions to the right time to keep your employees safe and healthy. Benefit from your satisfied and motivated staff and by the same time improve the performance of your company in a sustainable way.

Clear assignments of responsibilities

Legal compliance

Monitoring of performance indicators

Control and organize OHS related processes

Delegation of tasks


For Safety Experts

CoS is the perfect companion for safety managers, instructors, company doctors or further OHS experts. It helps you to organize and manage your remit in a clear and structured way. Recognize risks, generate measures and keep track of their development.

Identification of hazards and risks

Analysis of accidents and other incidents

Developing of measures and solutions

Monitoring of OHS processes

Preventive risk assesments


For Employees

Raise your occupational safety and health protection towards a new and sustainable level with an organized managemt system like CoS. Use the full potential of your staff, by combating risks and defects where they emerge.

Access to relevant information

Reporting of accidents, damages, near-misses etc.

Documentation of all qualifications

Filing of certificates like instructions or trainings

Participation in all OHS processes


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